High Technology Factory

Welcome to MDG International, your go-to high-technology factory for all your machined production part needs. Our state-of-the-art facility delivers precision and high-quality parts made from all sorts of materials.

Industries We Serve

Machined production parts made from all sorts of materials, get your free quotation today.

Automotive Industry

Our company specializes in the Automotive and Transport industry. With our precise CNC machining we deliver the best quality there is.

Marine Industry

With our production towards ships and spare parts for the Marine industry, we believe we are the leading company in the region for this industry.

Various Other Industries

Our company works in all kinds of industries that involves Medicine, Measurement Technology, Industrial Electronics and more!

Our Services

We take pride in providing top-notch services that meet the needs of our diverse customers. Our services include CNC machining, assembly, quality control, packaging, and logistics. We are dedicated to delivering the best quality products on-time and at a competitive price.

Why Choose Us?

At MDG International, quality is our top priority. Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we are verified by the World Chamber of Trust. We use the latest software solutions such as SolidCAM combined with outstanding CNC machines and additional equipment, which allows us to deliver high-quality products on-time.

Ever since its foundation, quality has always been a key priority which is demonstrated through our quality management and our continued investment in new technology and machinery.

  • High Technology Factory & Environment Friendly
  • Punctual Delivery Time 99% Delivered On Time
  • High Standard Labors 99% QC Passed