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MDG International LLC

Committed to providing our clients with high-quality, made-to-order machined components, MDG International has the expertise and technology to produce custom manufactured parts in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, or materials. Meeting the needs of diverse industries, our shop is well-equipped with top-of-the line CNC turning and milling machinery capable of holding precision tolerances down to. Our CNC turning machinery possesses magazine auto bar feeders and can manufacture parts measuring up to 60mm in diameter and 600mm in length. We can also chuck individual work pieces measuring up to 300mm in diameter.

How we tackle the challenge




Our team

Haris Obarčanin


Tarik Hadžimuratović


    Muris Obarčanin
    Semir Riđić

    Head of material procurement and cutting department

    Mirza Jašarević

    Head of milling department

    Aida Drugović

    Head of quality department

    Denis Fajković

    Head of sales

      Adis Duraković
      Nina Rališ


      Senad Hadžimuratović


      Almir Hadžić

      Head of construction design and welding department

        Vedad Čolak
          Ena Pašović
          Ajsa Begović-Obarčanin


          Skillful Team

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